Work hard, play hard. New Zealanders value a healthy work-life balance. Our country offers opportunities to progress your career as well as broaden your horizons. We are ranked first place in entrepreneurship in HSBC’s Expat Explorer survey and second place in Forbes “Best Countries for Business 2018”.  Spend your weekdays working at a high professional standard and your weekends discovering all the adventures New Zealand’s natural scenery has to offer.

100% PURE

New Zealand is unique. It is a well-developed, advanced country with much fewer people than other countries the same size, such as Japan or the UK. Due to low pressure on space and resources, New Zealand maintains a “100% pure” reputation.

  • Spacious
  • Relaxed culture
  • Friendly
  • Safe
  • Low crime rate
Expat Explorer Survey

We are very proud to say that New Zealand has ranked second place out of 31 countries in the 2018 Expat Explorer Survey! 

Quality of Living

Auckland, New Zealand ranks 3rd place in the Mercer” Quality of Living Rankings”. Coming in at 12th place is Wellington, New Zealand! This survey compares 230 countries. 

Most Livable City

The Economist has ranked Auckland, New Zealand as the 9th most liveable city in the world, placing us above Finland and Switzerland. 


New Zealand is a versatile country that can offer a variety of lifestyle choices to fit your needs. Fancy living by the sea? Or do you prefer to wake up to wide open farmlands with rolling mountains? Perhaps you are more of a city person and may enjoy the apartment living Auckland city has to offer. Another option is to live in the suburbs, a great place if you are looking for space but something not too far away from the big city. Watch the video on the right to learn more about life in New Zealand.

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